Python, java and a lot of resources

Ok so I have continued with codecademy‘s  Python track. Two-third done already.  For anyone reading I would give this suggestion. Codecademy is for beginner’s with no programming experience. It can give you a feel of the language but cannot teach you programming. It’s Python track covers the language basics but could use improvements.

Its 7th Track part-2 Battleship can use a lot of improvements. The instructions miss out on some points like corner cases in case of this project. Also the online judging system lets wrong codes pass through them.

I had the feeling that I would be needing more text on Python to learn it so I started with Python tutorials. They are good so far.

I found listings of a lot of programming resources  on stackoverflow.
Each programming language has an info page which contains listing of a lot of relevant material. I wish I knew that when I started out.

I was focusing on Python for past few days so I gave Java some time. Learned how to make executable files for Java in Netbeans and started experimenting with GUI Builder using JFrames container.


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