A lot of links for learning, practicing and other things related to programming

I thought today that I had a tough time finding appropriate links to learn programming so maybe everybody else who is learning may be having a similar problem. I decided to make a page containing a lot of links for everything related to programming – learning new languages, practicing etc.

It’s a work-in-progress but I already put many links to huge lists of links. Check it out.


Finally getting a hang of codechef Judging

My exams are nearly done and I am finally starting to understand the codechef Judging. I was messing up my submissions and in some cases I simply needed a better algorithm. I solved some practice problems and even two of the June Challenge 2013 problems. Here’s my profile showing solved problems.

As I have solved 2 of the 10 problems I’ll finally be getting ranks for competitions for which I have been waiting for quite some time. I uploaded the solved practice problems on github, will upload the competition solutions after the competition is over.

I have been continuing to solve Project Euler problems. Reached 45 problems

When I was solving the codechef problems I realized that I’ll be needing to do much practice before I’llĀ  be able to solve all the problems. I will also need to read the Python documentation completely. I didn’t knew that some tools existed. So I’ll start with going back to Python documentation. Stackoverflow helped me a lot to solve the practice problems.

Codecademy not that bad

I have been following the Python tutorial alongwith Project Euler for learning Python. During the tutorials I came upon lambda expressions, anonymous functions and functional programming. I had no idea what they were and reading on internet wasn’t much help either.

I tried going back to codecademy‘s Python track to continue Python as I didn’t like anything giving me confusion. In one of its lessonsĀ  lambda expressions were present. After completing the lesson I understood what were lambda expressions. So I need to take back that codecademy couldn’t be good for those with some programming experience. It can use some improvements but for totally unfamiliar programming concepts it is a nice introduction.

Been following project euler, started codechef problems

Project Euler

It’s been some days since I wrote last here. My exams started so I stopped writing on the blog. I have been doing problems of project euler. Completed 25 problems although not in sequence. I uploaded all in the Python repository on Github.com. Following the tutorials provided by Python.org I have been able to optimize many functions that I have been using. I have been doing this in spare time during exam preperations.


I started using codechef.com for practice. It contains a lot of practice problems. I have done a few problems. It’s taking me some time understanding why certain test cases are failing as it’s my first time with online judges.

Python Challenge

It does not seem like it will lead to much progamming practice. This is starting to seem like trick questions instead of much programming.