Codecademy not that bad

I have been following the Python tutorial alongwith Project Euler for learning Python. During the tutorials I came upon lambda expressions, anonymous functions and functional programming. I had no idea what they were and reading on internet wasn’t much help either.

I tried going back to codecademy‘s Python track to continue Python as I didn’t like anything giving me confusion. In one of its lessons  lambda expressions were present. After completing the lesson I understood what were lambda expressions. So I need to take back that codecademy couldn’t be good for those with some programming experience. It can use some improvements but for totally unfamiliar programming concepts it is a nice introduction.


3 thoughts on “Codecademy not that bad

  1. Hello, I was checking your stacksoverflow profile and landed on your blog page. It is rare to see people of other branches take interest in computer languages. I’d like to contact you with some questions. Can you give me some contact info (would prefer it not to be fb). I have included my email address.


  2. I found codecademy to be somewhat useful, I think it’s a great tool to discover what is involved in programming. I think it’s a great place for newbs like myself to play around with some different languages before settling on one to learn. Although the lessons are complete, I found them to be too brief to master the material and found myself forgetting previous lessons learned.

    I’ve since found Learn Python the Hard Way to suit my learning pace and retention.

    I won’t be limiting myself to one tutorial however, I don’t think me and Codecademy have seen the last of each other.

    I’m on Problem 3 of Project Euler, however I’m only a week into this process. I look forward to catching up 🙂


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