Finally getting a hang of codechef Judging

My exams are nearly done and I am finally starting to understand the codechef Judging. I was messing up my submissions and in some cases I simply needed a better algorithm. I solved some practice problems and even two of the June Challenge 2013 problems. Here’s my profile showing solved problems.

As I have solved 2 of the 10 problems I’ll finally be getting ranks for competitions for which I have been waiting for quite some time. I uploaded the solved practice problems on github, will upload the competition solutions after the competition is over.

I have been continuing to solve Project Euler problems. Reached 45 problems

When I was solving the codechef problems I realized that I’ll be needing to do much practice before I’ll  be able to solve all the problems. I will also need to read the Python documentation completely. I didn’t knew that some tools existed. So I’ll start with going back to Python documentation. Stackoverflow helped me a lot to solve the practice problems.


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