Making GUI in Python – Choosing a framework

Making Graphical User Interface(GUI) can be really attractive to many people. I had also been really interested in making GUIs and after using Visual Studio Express briefly for a project I could not forget the ease with which it allowed someone to make GUIs. So in Python I was interested in making GUIs. I had looked at many choices starting with Tkinter the default Python GUI toolkit.  Believe me you don’t want to use it as it does not have a decent WSIWYG editor for building the GUIs. After failing to get anything from TkInter I looked at wxPython but it supported Python 2 only and last time I checked it’s Python 3 support was a Work-In-Progress.

PySide and PyQt looked promising as PyQt Designer is a decent WYSIWYG editors but PyQt needs a commercial license and PySide is kinda dead – community support and tutorials.

Kivy is said to be cross-platform and it has a good tutorial – official documentation has a tutorial for making a game and it has a WIP editor also. I think it needs a little time to mature a bit but using it even now can give you a decent toolkit for making GUI. As per the website it supports Android also so many will find it really attractive.

Django is one other choice. Although it is a web framework but using it can also give you a decent GUI. Just check out its tutorial for the admin website.


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