Writing about Clojure

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. Been busy in many things. Recently I decided to start learning Clojure. I thought the best way to keep at it would be to start writing about it. So I decided that I am going to start writing posts every now and then about anything I learn in Clojure.  Inspired by Groovy Goodness I’ll try to work on “Clojure-snips”. Hopefully I will improve with time as I learn Clojure.

Getting Started

Clojure features

I’ll also keep a list of references here. Whatever I referred or helped me in learning Clojure.


2 thoughts on “Writing about Clojure

  1. The “How to earn your Clojure black belt” link takes you to an article called “How to earn your Clojure white belt”. Is that what you intended?


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