I’ll post summaries about the projects that I am currently doing or have done. For code snippets see code-content page and for downloading the source code of any of my work go to my github where I have uploaded it all.

Web Crawler for Downloading website (Python 3)

I plan to make a web crawler that can recursively download a website. have just started this project. Introductory post is here.

Getting the stats of a website for finding its growth (Python 3)

I wanted to find the growth of a particular website. Introductory post about getting the data is here. I plan to do the analysis by plotting graphs using matplotlib.

C Programming Made a Game

An old project that I did in 2012. It was meant for learning C purely offline. Did all of it in Visual Basic 2010 with IDE Visual Studio Express 2010. The old blog has much more information about it and download for the setups.  Github for the source code and this post has some info in this blog.


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