This blog is mainly about my programming. The rest of the stuff below is about me. Skip that if you are not interested.

I am a hobbyist programmer who knows C and is starting to love Python. Here’s some of my profiles if you are interested to see any. Github, LinkedIn, codechef, SPOJ, codecademy, codereview.SE, stackoverflow, programmers.SE,

I have dabbled in VB2010, MATLAB2012a, C++ and Java. I have done a digital designing project in VHDL, a little GUI development for making a UI for interfacing with microcontrollers in MATLAB. I also made 3 simple 2D games and a mini-project with VB2010 with a lot of time spent on refining the GUI and trying to publicize it.

I discovered blogging in 2012 when I tried to publicize the mini-project of mine “C Programming Made a Game”. It is the software that I mentioned above. I started to make it in VB2010 using Visual Studio Express 2010 to make it easier for people to learn C. I made a blog specially for that. I released 8 versions(V0.1 to V0.8). I gave up in the middle of developing V0.9 when I found that distributing code made in Visual Studio Express isn’t allowed. Never restarted that although I am holding onto the complete source code. The updates about that project are still on my old blog.

I discovered Python when trying to do game programming. I found it was fun but I couldn’t make any 3rd party module to work at that tiem. It was tough to keep the excitement up without any real game. I moved on to Unity3D, liked it and started learning it. Did some programming in UnityScript before finding out that majority of the programming was done in C# there. I liked programming but didn’t have an eye for making terrain and other things. Made a little 3D snakes and ladders game. It worked with a dice and all but it was ugly. I gave up but before that I tried out blender for making 3D models for the game. I made two chess pawns that I used in the snakes and ladders game.

I’ll update more soon.


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