Managing bookmarks becoming easier

I had mentioned last month that I am working on a bookmarker. Yeah I am still working and it is progressing. The search page is ready. I am using a work-around for adding the bookmarks and categories till the bookmark add page is ready. But I am happy with the work so far as it is becoming what I wanted although a bit slower due to lack of time. Here are some screenshots of working search page.

The search box has an autocomplete for giving suggestions for categories. It will give suggestions as per added categories. Pressing up down keys lets you navigate the categories and when you press enter the category is added on the page alongwith all bookmarks.

Below are some screenshots.


search-1 search-2 search-3


There is currently not much bookmarks added so only two categories came in autocomplete for search and one bookmark was added when category was chosen.

I forgot to mention earlier that the little cross in red lets you delete the category and the bookmarks tagged with the category. Obviously needed.


Making GUI in Python – Choosing a framework

Making Graphical User Interface(GUI) can be really attractive to many people. I had also been really interested in making GUIs and after using Visual Studio Express briefly for a project I could not forget the ease with which it allowed someone to make GUIs. So in Python I was interested in making GUIs. I had looked at many choices starting with Tkinter the default Python GUI toolkit.  Believe me you don’t want to use it as it does not have a decent WSIWYG editor for building the GUIs. After failing to get anything from TkInter I looked at wxPython but it supported Python 2 only and last time I checked it’s Python 3 support was a Work-In-Progress.

PySide and PyQt looked promising as PyQt Designer is a decent WYSIWYG editors but PyQt needs a commercial license and PySide is kinda dead – community support and tutorials.

Kivy is said to be cross-platform and it has a good tutorial – official documentation has a tutorial for making a game and it has a WIP editor also. I think it needs a little time to mature a bit but using it even now can give you a decent toolkit for making GUI. As per the website it supports Android also so many will find it really attractive.

Django is one other choice. Although it is a web framework but using it can also give you a decent GUI. Just check out its tutorial for the admin website.