Managing bookmarks becoming easier

I had mentioned last month that I am working on a bookmarker. Yeah I am still working and it is progressing. The search page is ready. I am using a work-around for adding the bookmarks and categories till the bookmark add page is ready. But I am happy with the work so far as it is becoming what I wanted although a bit slower due to lack of time. Here are some screenshots of working search page.

The search box has an autocomplete for giving suggestions for categories. It will give suggestions as per added categories. Pressing up down keys lets you navigate the categories and when you press enter the category is added on the page alongwith all bookmarks.

Below are some screenshots.


search-1 search-2 search-3


There is currently not much bookmarks added so only two categories came in autocomplete for search and one bookmark was added when category was chosen.

I forgot to mention earlier that the little cross in red lets you delete the category and the bookmarks tagged with the category. Obviously needed.


Migration from Python2 to 3 done. Working on a BookMarker

So I had decided that I will do the Python2 to 3 migration of my code base in April itself and I am glad that I was able to do it by 12th April. Solutions to codechef are still present but I decided to leave them be. If I restart online competitions again then I’ll think about them.

I have been thinking about making a BookMarker. I usually keep a lot of BookMarks and my bookmark bar becomes so messed up that I am just unable to arrange them properly. Yeah I like to keep things clean. I have folders inside folders inside in my bookmark bar… you can probably see how many bookmarks there are. It’s just that currently browsers do not allow good enough management of bookmarks. It gets tough. So I thought to make a bookmarker.

So how to manage bookmarks in a better way? Tags and proper search options. Let everything be flat(or in folders) and let there be tags for managing and searching Links. I understand that there are already many online ways to manage bookmarks but I like to try such things out. Also I have some other related ideas  so I thought I would be able to use them if I can control this. Why not try?

I have looked at different ways to make this – PySide, Kivy, django.

I have given up on PySide. I am totally fed up with the documentation that it has. Although there is a really good designer for making the UIs but still the lack of documentation totally puts me off. It is just a collection of links from over the internet so far.

Kivy is looking good and I was seriously considering to use it for this but as this is related to browser and using django will keep it closer to browser. Also a  simple startup script can start the browser with the bookmarker up and running.